Soto Ayam Pak Slamet

Jumat, 28 November 2008

Cooking is expertise, the Javanese word for a mention talent. That's why many owners like the traditional food stalls, the brand name for its own business. For example, of Sate Mangun Pak, Gudeg Mbok Sadhem, Ayam Goreng Suharti day or so.

Similarly, Slamet choose the name Soto Pak Slamet sotonya to stall. The type of food that he be selling "generic" because soto can be found in almost every road in Yogyakarta. However, soto-owned Pak Slamet different stalls soto other. No need to talk about taste, the evidence stalls Pak Slamet has stood since a quarter century ago.

Starting from a small shop reot the roadside near the railway Patukan Road, south of Hamlet Mejing, Ambarketawang, Dalkeith, Dollar, the original Slamet buyers expect only from workers who each day pass in the lane next kiosk.

Bakmi Kepek dan Angin Sepoi-sepoi Pak Noto Susanto

Between noodle and zephyr there is no relevance. But Noto Santosa memadukannya be a pleasure to be in the evening.
I was not so enthusiastic when a friend invites a food stall in the Javanese noodles. No other food is there in Yogya, so it should only noodle, fried rice, gudeg, or soto? I try the menu suggests some other, but the friend insists

"Try it, which is similar to other noodles."
19:00 pm, we glide through the Road to the south of Parangtritis. In the car, I have imagined a plate of hot noodles fried delicacies. Something terrible disantap atmosphere in the middle of the night Jogja cold

About 30 minutes journey, we arrived at the location. No nameplate, but people always call képek noodle stalls. So called because it is located in the Hamlet képek, Timbulharjo Village, Kecamatan Sewon, Bantul, Yogyakarta.
Stalls that are very visible alakadarnya that it is fully visitors who want to enjoy the cuisine of noodle stalls képek. Actually, the dinner hour has not arrived. Come, shop has become one of the aliases Civic Center where residents gather. Start from factory workers, civil servants, craft, a doctor in Bantul students to become customers of fixed stalls managed by Mr. Noto Susanto (60) is

In the menu that may list in the wall space ripe written, among others, fried noodles ordinary, special and super. The price offered was very affordable, only about Rp 7000-10000 per portion, depending on the Menu options.

Kejutan Gudeg Ceker Mbok Joyo

Alias chicken claw feet, always assumed as a side dish menu class edge. However, Public Gudeg Mbok Joyo able presented menu as a special assistant.

Chute middle of the night with VW Combi output in 1977 in an old city like Yogyakarta, the birth feeling sentimental. The description of the typical city of Yogyakarta, recently evident. Beringharjo approach, we stop. I specifically direct attention toward the throng of people in the east curb Malioboro street, in Mas Aneka front of the shop. Lesbian in the sector, the Gudeg foot Mbok Joyo sales.

No nameplate is a guide, but most people Yogyakarta is known as Bulletin Gudeg foot Mbok Joyo. So called because the stall is herself Mbok Joyo about 50 years ago. Meanwhile, a "ceker" appear side Dish because it is the famous chicken feet.

Gurami Bakar Madu “Numani”

Intend to eat fish grilled in the house to eat Numani in the long holidays, is a decision nekad. Finally, we also cruise to the road for the release of Parangtritis "hatred" against the delicacy gurameh fuel honey, the menu is the mainstay home. And, the fruit of five bus tour is among the dozens lined the car in the parking lot.

The location of the point in the Tour Parangtritis Beach Km 5.6, can be an advantage for the food specialist with the fish cuisine. But for me, that is special because masakannya exceptional. Especially the menu gurameh fuel madunya, truly Champions. I somehow had time desired, but each time it also always want to come back again enjoy.

The making of this special place in the fish because it was burned in the fresh conditions. No fish such as fuel in other places that are usually fried and half-cooked first, that mlenyek. Technical fuel directly to require skills apart, but the meat chewy and become more palatable.

Bakmi Mbah Dumuk

Yogyakarta can be a noodle seller gudangnya Java with the flavors of the nyamleng. A noodle in Bintaran Kadin, noodle Mbah Mo Manding in Bantul, and noodle Pele in the Square South, or noodle Doring in Suryowijayan Road. There is still a noodle vendor of Java that is not less popular, namely, the noodle Mbah Dumuk in Sleman.

Mother Suhari noodle property that is able to spend a night in the 250 duck eggs is not only to be ordinary people, ordinary people, ranging from Sleman Regent Ibnu Subiyanto, Prabukusumo girl to a former minister Abdul Latief also been a customer at the noodle Mbah Dumuk.

Soto Pak Tembong

Soto Pak Tembong
Soto Ayam softness and sharpness Soto Cattle

Soto, in the culinary tourism map of the archipelago, including the type of food is very familiar. Can be found anywhere, from the classroom to warungan level restaurant. Also in the various variants, from regional cuisine to taste racikan presented.
If you want to soto with chicken and beef mixed at the same time, but one likely option, Mr. Soto Tembong. Name Pak Tembong be one of the stalls soto legend in Yogyakarta. Herself since 1960 by Mr. Mulyono (deceased), the first food that is sold is actually a meatball. Six years later, the owner of a stall with a complete communications and assessment soto. However, the fact that this is the continuation and become famous.

I do not doubt a matter of taste. Please only taste soto if this is your time to go home to Yogyakarta.

Dawet Sambal

When first heard the story about dawet condiment from an employee Office of Culture and Tourism Kulonprogo regency, I prejudiced, surely this kind of strange drinks, with flavors of strange people and have a taste for the bizarre. But then when I membuktikannya, had all the prejudices that bad baloney.

In a shop owned by Mbok Ponirah, in the Market Cublak, Subdistrict Girimulyo, Menoreh mountain peak, Kulonprogo, we sent. Very simple, but from where it is, perhaps, many employees and students can successfully gather the achievement of good quality because the breakfast. Wuihh ..! However, the fact that we want proved.

Around five minutes sent, dawet bowl of sambal are in our hands. Seonggok cendol appear without the sauce on top of appealing fried onion and fried pieces out and shoot a green that has been boiled, then dilumuri condiment pecel. Fill bowl first I mixed with a spoon, so that the bottom is badheg (roomie coconut) mixed with silt so one. Dawet condiment pecel brownish red that seems promising taste savory, sweet, spicy delicacies.